Things are heating up, but it’s not the humidity…Welcome to Montana Shop Miami: Located on the edge of Miami’s legendary Wynwood district, where artists and creatives come from all over the World to produce some of the most incredible works of our time. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the awesome selection at the second biggest Montana Colors Flagship store in the United States! Whether you’re just in town for Art Basel or you’re a Miami-native, Montana Shop Miami is your one-stop shop for graffiti and art supplies!


2210 NW 1st Pl Miami

Florida, 33127


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MTN Shop MIA Opens its doors July, Summer 2021 Wynwood FL

Our Brand

All brands have a path and a record in history, as well as an appellation of origin which guarantees its authenticity. Ours began 20 years ago in Barcelona, at a time when, after the launch of our first spray product, the word spread across Europe, and writers and artists from France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy began to arrive to fill their car trunks with Montana and bring it back to their countries. From that moment up until now, the Montana Colors brand has expanded to a presence in more than 60 countries in the world and to 15 official points of sale: Montana Shop & Gallery, in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Montpellier, Brussels, Amsterdam, Nottingham, Lisbon, Montreal, Mexico DF, Santiago de Chile, Sidney, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.Our capacity for innovation, our daily work, our clear dedication to our clients, and our commitment to graffiti and the environment are our main values as a brand, and that is what differentiates us from the rest, and that is also what has been recorded not only in the timeline of history but also in the collective memory of our clients and the international graffiti scene with which we have grown, hand in hand.


In the early ’90s, graffiti was considered, by all of the American and European spray paint companies, to merely be an act of vandalism. It was of no interest to any of the companies because it wasn’t yet considered to be profitable. At that time, the discovery of this passionate cultural revolution was what propelled the founders of Montana Colors to lay the groundwork for the creation of the first spray paint made especially for graffiti and, in that way, fill that hole in the market.

With this beginning, the lines to follow were clear: get to know the scene and support it from the very start. Thus, the main goal was set: to produce a specific spray to meet the demands of graffiti writers; something with high quality, a wide range of colors and, above all else, a very affordable price. With the passing of the years, our motto remains the same: support graffiti and respect each other and the environment.